Senator Don Benton

Thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to look around to learn more about my background, my work in Olympia on behalf of the 17th District, and the issues that are important to me. Come back soon to check for updates or follow me on Facebook.

I'm honored to be serving our community.

Don Benton

Reason #1 to give now

There is a deeper definition than simply being a “legislator” in Washington State. In reality, the position is more accurately defined as “citizen legislator.” This position was never meant to be a full-time job. It was meant to be filled by ordinary people with ordinary daily lives and day jobs that continue on even after being elected. Over the years I have represented this district, whether it be in the House or the Senate, I have never once lost sight of what it means to be a resident of this district. I am still just an ordinary individual who was elected by his neighbors to represent them in Olympia.

I will continue to legislate with the voters in my district at the top of my mind. I encourage you to consider giving to my campaign to ensure we aren’t controlled by another career politician.

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Reason #2 to give now

One topic I have been very vocal about over the years concerns transportation. I fought intensely against the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project from its infancy. I had the intuition to see that this wasn’t the right fit for what Vancouver, Clark County, and Washington State needed. Unfortunately, the project continued to burn through hundreds of millions of dollars before finally being stopped by the state legislature and the Majority Coalition Caucus I helped create. If you want to continue to have a strong voice against wasting taxpayer money, and keeping the government out of your pocket via tolls, fees, or any other form, please consider giving to my campaign today.

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Reason #3 to give now

I have always prided myself as a traditional family man. I’ve been married to my wife, Mary for 33 wonderful years. Our four children lead successful lives as well. Two of my kids are Eagle Scouts, still finishing college. I have volunteered for several years as an assistant scout leader, along with dedicating time helping the local soccer club, Clark County Youth Football, and our local church youth activities. If you want a Senator that understands the challenges a family faces from special education needs at school to jobs for our youth in the community, then I’m your man! If you believe strong family values are important in our leaders, please contribute to my re-election effort.

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Reason #4 to give now

Veterans support. No one needs or deserves our total support more than veterans. As a freshman I succeeded where many had failed before me. Governor Lock signed into law my bill creating a World War !! memorial on the State Capitol campus. Every year since I have sponsored , co-sponsored and voted for multiple bills that help our veterans and their families including two bills for veterans this year. As the son of a retired Naval Officer who was at Omaha beach in the invasion of France, and the brother of two Vietnam Veterans (one Navy and one Army) I have a special place in my heart for those who sacrifice to serve us all. If you think the veteran should be high on the list for government benefits please contribute to my campaign because I think so too!

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Reason #5 to give now

Results! I have been an active, successful legislator from my freshman year in the House to just this last year. I have more than 45 bills signed in to law even though 60% of my tenure was spent in the minority, as a Republican. Just this last year for instance, I managed to draft over 20 bills, and advocate for dozens of others, while simultaneously fighting Democrats on damaging bills that would reverse the course of our positive changes in the past two sessions. In the end, 8 of my bills were signed into law by the Governor. This was one of the highest success rates in the entire senate. Please give today to help good policy succeed in Washington.

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Reason #6 to give now

No one is tougher on criminals than Don Benton. The legislation I have been especially proud of in my work as a State legislator are my crime bills. The Chelsea Harrison Act, which was done to strengthen Washington’s three-strikes rule, allowing crimes committed in other states to count as a strike in the Washington system. If you care as much as I do for safe neighborhoods and taking violent repeat offenders off the street, please consider giving to my campaign today. only 2 days left.

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Reason #7 to give now

If there is one thing I understand, it is the value of knowing how to balance a budget. Having experience in planning, starting and growing three businesses in my life give me the needed experience and insight to know what is waste and what is really necessary for a successful operation. When I sold my company and agreed to help fix a bankrupt department at the county, my team and I were able to reduce the taxpayer burden $8 million dollars. Earlier this year in the state senate I helped balance the budget and still inject another $billion in new dollars into our K-12 education system to reduce class size and cut college tuition 15%. We need expertise in balancing a budget more than ever in Olympia. Please consider making a donation to my re-election effort. The other side will spend millions to defeat me and replace me with someone who really doesn’t care (let alone know how) about balancing the budget. Please click on the link below to contribute. Just three days left before the freeze on accepting donations begin.

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Reason #8 to give now

Elected officials across the political spectrum are accused of living on the backs of taxpayers all the time. What many might not know is that I had actually introduced a bill to cut my own salary during the recession by 3%, in-line with state employees across the state. When my colleagues in Olympia refused to enact that bill, I took action and reduced my own salary by 3% voluntarily! We need to continue to elect and retain leaders that are willing to go out of their way to ensure voters know they can relate with their legislators in Olympia. Please give today to make sure you continue to have a compassionate voice that not only understands  the challenges within our district, but is also willing to make sacrifices as well.

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Reason #9 to give now

You know, many Republicans get a bad rap when it comes to voters’ impression on whether their legislator truly cares about education and teacher pay. I would say to the contrary that Republicans have stepped up where King County Democrats haven’t in the past 40 years. I guess when their party has had nearly complete control of every branch of state government for that long they’ve become very good at spinning the truth and skewing the facts.

I helped lead the effort to not only reduce college tuition, but also to fundamentally improve our K-12 system while maintaining a balanced budget, and meeting the requirements of the McCleary Decision where it matters most; reducing class sizes in grades K-3, which studies show are the grades most negatively impacted by excessively large class sizes. We also succeeded in giving teachers well deserved raises to provide a necessary cost of living adjustment in order to keep our greatest teachers and attract the best new ones.

Please help me continue to show the compassionate side of our Senate Republican leadership as we continue to reverse the decades-long decline of our state education system.

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Reason #10 to give now

I voted against the transportation-revenue package last session that ultimately passed. I had strong convictions aligning with constituents in my district that would have to ultimately do their part in shouldering the costs of a state department nobody trusts. Examples abound from everywhere – whether it be Bertha, the deep-bore tunnel machine, faulty pontoons on the 520 bridge, or the half-century unfinished Spokane North/South Corridor. Of course “reforms” were offered to help gain some trust for the WSDOT, but the watered-down reforms in the final package were not enough to satisfy me, or many of my Republican colleagues.

By giving to my campaign, you ensure your voice is still heard in Olympia – and win or lose, I will continue to vote the conscience of the 17th District. Please consider making a donation today to help our campaign prepare to be competitive in 2016.

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